A Trailblazer of the new world based in Sweden

I wanted to wallpaper my room in black and white photo pictures. My parents said no, definitely not. Instead of hanging my head, I spurred into action. I collected all the white and black clippings I could find and started wallpapering on my own a little bit at the time, just to get the feel for it.

I’ve always been driven by finding a solution and alternative ways to something that cannot be done. I’m very curious by nature and at the same time I truly like to try new things

Susanne-Kikki seeks joint growth though sharing her experiences in a way that people can relate to. Through challenging stagnation and focusing on what’s ahead, eager to make real change, she cultivates a holistic approach to her work; circular economy, planet and people being core issues.

With her gaze set at the horizon, constantly putting herself in new contextures Susanne-Kikki is a futurologist in the sense that she can envision what’s ahead and how to get there. Her passion is leading people and businesses into the future.

23 years at IKEA and 7 (out of the 23) years living and working in China and Japan has given her a unique insight into the demands and opportunities on the international market. By connecting a business strategy to insight value her aim is to form an action plan which creates a state-of-the art, trustworthy, growing and sustainable business.

She has a natural vocation to put herself into the customers point of view; on a mission to transform products, intention and business into a user-friendly experience. The founder of IKEA, Ingvar Kamprad, has been an inspiration to Susanne-Kikki in the way that he initiated creative confidence in the people surrounding him, and through their creativity grow the business.



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