”A green plant, is not just a green plant”

Plantagen 2014 – 2016
Purpose: Increase sales in green plants.

Sometimes we need to have the courage to bring someone into our everyday business who looks at it from a fresh angle. We also need the courage to listen and act upon what they have to say. If you are too comfortable in what you do, my job is to challenge the stagnation and cultivate your business.  

One of my main objectives at Plantagen was to overlook the range of green plants. At the time the range was developed and made out of an Excel sheet with all the names in Latin. And I thought, if I don’t understand what plants we keep, how could our customers?

I asked the product manager to collect one of each green plant in our Holland office so we could break down and categorize them into smaller product ranges. The reaction was “Why? A green plant is just a green plant”. I eventually managed to convince them and told them that we need to look at the unique quality of every individual plant.

After our first workshop we had organized the plants into different categories based on customer needs, density of the leaves, suitable for floor or window and with a well-defined price ladder. We had outlined a new range of green plants and upon finishing the project the product manager turned to me and said “You know what? A green plant is not just a green plant”.

Outcome: The Growth of the business was the evidence that the work we did was successful.

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