For the love of bikes

NEWaste 2010-
Purpose: Supporting everyday cyclists and making the bicycle an easy choice no matter the weather or season.

I believe that a good idea can make a difference in the world. I believe that we need to find solutions in everyday life and make the right choices easy. Transportation is one of the biggest impacts on the environment today and we need innovative people leading the way when it comes to more sustainable options. That is why I started NEWaste.

As I was working in China, I realized the great potential in bicycles. The Chinese used their bikes to sell flowers, fruit and house hold utensils. They would transfer entire homes on their bikes and one time I even saw a young man driving an old woman with her IV pole on the side. That’s when I got the idea of making designer bicycle accessories with smart functions.

It did not take long before I started making prototypes, a good idea is all it is until you actually start making something out of it. I’ve put a lot of hours into developing the right materials and functions, as I know the importance of details. With NEWaste, nothing has been left to chance.

NEWaste is not only a brand or a product, it is part of a worldwide movement. I am convinced that the bicycle will play a bigger role in our own wellbeing as well as the wellbeing of planet earth. It is by far one of the best and most sustainable ways of transport.

Outcome: NEWaste was one of the first to develop products in the bicycle business for every day cyclists. By putting design and comfort on the agenda without compromising on sustainability NEWaste have been part of the change in bicycle accessories.

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