Hack the Greens

Plantagen 2013-2014
Purpose: Digitalize the plant industry by creating tools to facilitate increased sales and customer satisfaction.

I get passionate about good ideas and I have the passion and attentiveness to see beyond industry and business restrictions. My expertise is identifying new areas of practice and making sure it is user friendly. To be a visionary means you always seek for knowledge and attract  new business partners and fields expert.

As a Design and Development Manager at Plantagen I was visiting the Formex Trend Fair in search of new inspiration. Among others I attended to a seminar held by the Sweden Fashion Council, where they talked about the new tech development in Cloth. As they described the project, I thought, how can I apply this to plants? 

I contacted the Sweden Fashion Council organisation and by combining our networks we started the GREEN HACK project. 

Our aim was to move the plant industry in a new direction by connecting plants with the digital world. So, we started by asking ourselves, what do the customers of today require to start buying more plants?

We put together a working force consisting of gardeners, florists, sales representatives, marketers, controllers, a manager of sustainability, product managers and digital strategists with the assistance of students from Hyper Island Design School in Stockholm.

The benefits of working in a team of mixed gender, age and expertise were the different angles of customer insights we gathered. We also invited brain researcher and professor Katarina Gospic who told us about the importance of plants and how they affect the human mind and wellbeing.

The outcome was a platform with the objective of being a service of information guiding the customer through the jungle of plants, rather than a product with the intention to sell.

Results: 3 prototypes; one based on creating and presenting a transparent value-chain, another informing about the health benefits of keeping house plants and lastly a digital tool on how to take care of your Plantagen plants after purchase.

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