Let’s communicate!

IKEA 1997-1998
Purpose: Create a homogeneous communication tool for range and products at IKEA in line with the IKEA philosophy.

I believe in finding ways that communicate the meaning and hard work behind a product range. There is a story to be told, a well worked out context and an intended area of use based on solid research and the creativity of innovative minds. These are the things we need to communicate to our end users as part of our job is to assist them in making the right choices as easy as possible. 

At the time I was part of the business team in charge of designing and developing the collections at IKEA. Upon launching new projects one of our main objectives was communicating the new line towards our customers; a constant challenge as there was no established tone of voice or template.

What is the customer value if we communicate that a product is either beautiful, round or nice? When vital information like measurements, materials or context is missing. 

These are the kinds of questions I started asking myself alongside others at IKEA that was somehow in touch with our external communication. We identified that the resources it took was not a sound investment in comparison to the end result. We made a proposition with the end user in focus. The management decided that a strategy to stream line all communication starting with clearly stating the purpose of every product range including a detailed description of every single product was necessary.

The proposition ignited how IKEA communicates even today and the work we put into it paved the way for a communication system where customer value comes first. The initiative of communication improvement were made internally with decision makers really believing in and supporting them. A valuable lesson I still live by today.

Outcome: The work we started is still the foundation of how IKEA communicate a product or range with the main objective to carry the work forward both internally and externally.

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